Monday, May 24, 2010

No Time for Hobbies?

Starting a new business can take over your life.  (I think I just typed the biggest understatement ever)  As recently as a few years ago, I recall having so much free time that I was bored.  I also remember that my days were lazy and relaxed.  My hobbies were: letting afternoons and evenings slip by while reading a book; learning to cook and bake; hanging out and playing with my cat; shopping for clothes and accessories. 

My best friends also recall how much fun I *used* to be.  We went out several times a week to eat 3-hour dinners, watch movies and concerts, and dance all night until the clubs closed.

I think what's happened is that now, my idea of fun has changed.  I still love to dance, I just don't necessarily close out the clubs anymore.  Instead of spending hours and money shopping, I spend time fixing old clothes or re-working them.  I can now afford to take vacations more frequently, to exotic places.  I love simple evenings at home, cooking a wonderful dinner and leisurely eating it in the sun.  When weather permits, you'll find me at the beach, indulging in the simplicity of a drink and a couple of friends. 

The hours I used to have indulging in lazy hobbies have been taken over by technology: email, editing, photography, and so on.  Sometimes, I look back and miss my old bachelorette life.  The trade-offs are a wonderful relationship, a comfortable home, and more money in the bank.

How do you find time to indulge in hobbies?

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