Thursday, June 10, 2010

Above the Rest

Looks like a major coffee chain is trying to save lost business:

We have so many coffee shops in this city.  How can each store make theirs stand out from the vast ocean of cafes?  I know that other types of businesses are trying to link their store to a current cause.  For example, I passed one beauty salon that had posters asking people to come in and sign their anti-HST petition.  It honestly almost made me stop and turn around to sign (I was hungry and just continued to steam home).  Another hair salon was featured in their local newspaper, because they are sending hair trimmings to the States to help clean up the oil spill.  Even though that salon is out of my way, I seriously considered going there for a trim the next time I was in that area.

Which poses the question: how can a coffee shop make itself newsworthy, and stand out from the rest?

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