Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flurry of Activity

I'm very excited with the increased amount of work I have been doing for Van Media.  Last weekend I attended a show and met a number of small business owners.  I was attempting to increase business by trying to find out if people needed photography done to market their products.

It's funny, I was not intending to buy anything at all.  But I walked out of that show with a small handful of products, for myself and for friends.  A (pleasing) cost of doing business, I guess!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Summer to Fall

This morning I was reminded, as I pushed piles of fall leaves off the sidewalk, that the beginning of a season marks a time to push forward with our businesses.  Many entrepreneurial colleagues are trying new ways to drum up new clients.  Some are innovative -- creating information booklets targeted to specific clients -- some are not so effective -- mass mailouts.

On the former point, I know someone who saw a need for a pre-fab product, to save money, time, and hassle for his clients.  He is developing his idea further by chatting with veterans in the industry.  He has also printed up manuals for clients, which he has dropped off for them to peruse.  This guy has the hard-working attitude and unique ideas, which will help him develop a small business venture.

For myself, I have decided to push for a larger networking base.  I have renewed my interest in attending social events, and meeting new people.  I will admit I had been working mostly behind the scenes, shoring up budget details and technicalities.  It is now time to venture out again, taking time to say hi and see what others are up to.

What is a new push that you are doing this Fall, for your business?
Looking back at summer 2010, this was one of the photography projects I worked on:

This wedding was shot at Van Dusen.  It was not too sunny, but there was enough light that I could just use a reflector.  Shooting with these clients was easy, considering I had joined them the week before the wedding, to scout locations.

From one season to the next, we can all look back and see if changes need to be made, to improve our work.