Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking Young

Almost everyone wants to look as young as possible.  In everyday life, this is a bonus.  But in front of the camera, looking too young can hurt your credential with the audience.

Ask yourself: What is the age of the audience I'm trying to reach?  In terms of general news media, usually the people watching you are conservative and middle-aged.  Note also that that is usually the age range for news staff - anchors and reporters.  Your image should match these people.  If you naturally look younger, your clothes and accessories can be adjusted to match the audience's mindset.  Consult an image specialist to convey that conservative look, yet look up-to-date as well.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Empty Malls

A few nights ago, idly spending time, I dropped by one of the biggest, busiest malls in Canada.  Except it wasn't this particular night.  Being January, the hallways were CLEAR.  There were signs advertising massive sales and markdowns, but hardly anyone was shopping. 

I wonder if retailers are advertising this?  Focusing not only on lower prices, but on the pleasantness of shopping with hardly anyone else around?  There was lots of parking, I wasn't getting bumped or squeezed by crowds, and salespeople had time to chat with me.  Shopping was an actual joy that night!