Saturday, October 29, 2011

Professionalism on Youtube

I find some amateur Youtube videos to be very amateur.  Perhaps I have an overly critical view, but I feel that Youtube is meant for a large audience. Presenters should be somewhat professional, and talk... efficiently, if that's the right word.  What I mean is, if a person on-camera is talking, and using way too many casual colloquiums "Like, you know, like, OMG!", and blabbering off-topic, it makes me switch to another video.  Whether or not you agree that professionalism is key, we can all agree that you want the audience to watch your whole video.

Last night I was searching for Youtube reviews of a product.  Once the person on-camera started blithering, after a few seconds I got annoyed and clicked on other videos.  The ones I watched to the end were because the host was speaking efficiently.

Tips to improve your videos:

* know exactly what you'll be talking about
* if you need to, have cue cards off-camera to keep you on-track
* get a program for basic editing, to remove mistakes, interruptions, settling into your chair, etc.
* make sure the room is extremely quiet so the audience can hear your mic

If you would like your videos reviewed, feel free to send me a link!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tip of the Month: Body Accessories

Almost everyone has piercings, tattoos, wild hair colour, wild fauxhawks... being creative with one's looks knows no bounds!  However, keep in mind that society, as a whole, leans towards conservative.  If you're being interviewed on-camera and trying to reach a wide audience, tone your look down if necessary.  Cover up tattoos with clothing, flip your hair to hide rainbow streaks, take out piercings if you can, and cover the chest.  On the flip side, if the crew interviewing you works for a more liberal station, by all means flaunt what you've got!

For a critical eye on how you appear to your audience, contact me for a review.  Reviews of your appearance can be done on-line or in-person.