Friday, May 6, 2016

What Do You Sacrifice To Finish Work?

A couple friends mentioned recently about how busy their previous week had been, in an effort to meet deadlines. I asked, "What do you sacrifice in order to meet a deadline?" Their responses:

"The gym is the first thing to go. Eating healthy, too. I normally love cooking but when it's crunch time, I just throw whatever's in the fridge together, or cook instant noodles or something."

"I don't go out. My friends won't see me sometimes for weeks when I must finish a project at home. My girlfriend has to force me to go out for a drink during those occasions."

For me, I usually drop the gym first. Cleaning the house I try to let go, but I find I can't resist tidying up at least a bit, even when I'm running out the door.

What about you? What do you sacrifice in order to get work done?