Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Re-Shuffling Time

Lately I've determined what's important to me in reaching my career and personal goals.  Reaching them means that certain activities are not conducive to my life.  Going out several times per week with friends, constantly eating out, wasting time on too many social media platforms, buying objects that clutter my household.... those activities have pretty much gone by the wayside.  I now focus my spare time on either relaxing, or working on my career or hobbies.

It was an impulse that I fought in the past, mostly to fit in with friends who pressured me to act more "fun".  It's definitely important to regularly have fun in your schedule, but too much and suddenly you've got less money, you're too tired to work, and you're grumpy to your loved ones.  I find being picky about what I do socially, helps me stay on track with my goals.