Monday, August 16, 2010

A Summer Office

With the incredible heat in our city lately, I have often wished that it wasn't a social faux pas to bring my laptop to the beach.  I'm sure it's for the best that I'm disconnected and enjoying people and nature.  However, sometimes the efficiency expert in me creeps up and says, "I could get so much work done just sitting here."

I will admit, my perfect office would have a 360 degree view of the water and sand, plus a nice cooling breeze.  Some sangria would replace my hot coffee.

What do you envision to be your perfect summer working environment?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've been receiving junk mail from Shaw almost once a week. It is never directly addressed to me.  Instead, it says "Current Occupant".  I emailed Shaw and asked them to take my address off their list.  Their response was, if it was not directly addressed to my name, they could not do that.  It was something I could only do via Canada Post.

Call me dumb if you like, but although I know that there are ways to take onself off junk mail lists, I really don't like going through the trouble.  This does, however, put Shaw in a bad spot in my mind.  They have now made an impression as a company that does not care about the environment, by constantly sending me offers in the mail.  I don't watch cable television, and my internet is provided very well by another company.