Friday, April 23, 2010

Prolonging the Hurt: HST

Gordon Campbell's Liberals have a big mess on their hands.  They're convinced the HST will help B.C., but a lot of the province's citizens couldn't disagree more.  A lot of people in my circle are willing to drive out of their way to sign a petition.  Even this morning, while being driven to a job, my taxi driver referred to Campbell -- with many bad words.  Apparently the HST will raise taxi fares, amongst many other services (I have to pay even MORE to my hairstylist?).

Campbell's government has done some good work in the province, but the HST overshadows everything.  If Campbell would just suck it up, and yank off the band-aid quickly i.e. announce the cancellation of imposing the HST, it would hurt a lot less than slowly peeling it off.