Monday, March 8, 2010

Dress the Part

I have a personal interest in fashion.  I know many people do not, and that's fine with me.  Sometimes I feel my passion is "petty", when I hear my nagging voice say, "You should be more concerned about real issues, not about what shoes to wear today." 

The time anyone should care about what they wear, however, is when they will appear on-camera.  If I had a penny everytime I saw an interviewee showing up wearing the rattiest clothes and hairdo ever.... and I'm not talking about an economically poor person, or someone working a dirty job in the field.  Those subjects, I can understand their outfit, and it fits.  I'm talking about politicians, managers, representatives of organizations.  In my opinion, there is no excuse for these people to not wear clean clothing and shoes, and take one minute in front of a mirror to fix their hair, wipe crumbs off their beard, correct smudged makeup (or take off some).

Hey, hey... don't kill the messenger here.  The lens is a harsh critic.  It only takes minutes of self-care to diffuse its analytical eye.

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