Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gastown House

The Olympics are bringing unprecedented amounts of people to downtown Vancouver, and they are shopping.  Business is really good if you're situated along the corridors of Granville or Robson.  The poor older uncle, Gastown, is left on the outside looking in.

Until innovative entrepreneurs came up with the brilliant idea of naming their community "Gastown House", in light of the other Olympic houses that have sprung up in the city.  How is this "house" better than Molson House, Heineken House, or Canada House?  According to the people handing out the Gastown flyers:

  • no lineups
  • lots of beer from around the world
  • room to walk on the sidewalk
  • unique shopping: Canadiana, vintage, local designs, brand names
  • lots of restaurants that represent countries around the world
  • parking

These guys were brilliant, sliding up beside the main event and making a name for themselves.  Yet they didn't overstep boundaries and outright copy the Olympic houses.  Brilliant!

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