Friday, December 25, 2009

What's in it for me?

Did my Christmas food and gift shopping at Walmart.  I know my enviro-friends will read that statement and gasp.  "No!  That corporation is evil!  They sell mass-produced goods at cheap prices, which takes up space at landfills.  Boo Walmart!"

I could have shopped at a less controversial competitor.  The pricing is about the same.  But it's convenient at Walmart.  They have food, and it's pretty good.  For gifts, the selection was large and the pricing competitive.  The biggest plus of all: there were lots of cashiers.  The other store, you're lucky if half the cash registers are open, meaning long lineups every time I shop there.

The moral is: if you want people to follow your philosophy, make it convenient for them.  Make the experience and outcome a pleasant one, and the customers will come.


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  2. Is a shorter lineup really worth being an accessory to the human rights abuses Wal Mart commits?

  3. If you're referring to the non-union situation of the workers, my opinion is that they can look for work at a union company then. No one *has* to work for Wal Mart.